Morning All, I hope you are all keeping safe.

OK, here goes.

1: Shop:
The shop is stable and still trading.

2: Online sales:
If you would like an order, we are shipping as normal via online purchase for delivery to your address. We may be a little slower than usual.

3: Shop sales:
If you would like to collect an order from the shop. please order online, but select "Free local pickup" as your delivery option. We will put the package outside of the door for you to collect.

4: Grain:
We have a tonne of grain being delivered on Monday. Hops are likely to run out.

5: Beer kits:
We are getting a very big delivery of beer kits etc today (Tuesday 26th March). In fact 3 times our normal delivery size.

6: Phones:
Most of our time is dedicated to packing for deliveries. Please accept our apologies if we cannot get to the phones immediately.


Goodlife Homebrew

Woodfordes Norfolk Nog -19%
Norfolk Nog is a dark, full bodied, red brown beer with plenty of flavour and aroma. Roasted malt co..
£22.50 £18.14

VWP Cleaner and steriliser - 4 kg New
VWP cleans, sterilises, and deoderises in one operation. Dissolve 1-2 teaspoons of VWP in a gallon o..

Tapered Corks - Bag of 15 New
15 Tapered corks suitable for both wine and spirit bottles. ..

A one litre glass storage container that allows you to microwave those frozen meals straight from th..

The latest addition to the Top Shelf Range - Wild Eagle Bourbon!Makes a malty, oak style bourbon..

Still Spirits Top Shelf Violet GinMakes a sweet violet and delicate lavender gin style flavourin..